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Medicine is the branch of health science and the sector of public life concerned with maintaining or restoring human health through the study, diagnosis, treatment and possible prevention of disease and injury. It is both an area of knowledge – a science of body systems, their diseases and treatment – and the applied practice of that knowledge.

Drink 30 minutes before food three times a day for the fourth part of the glass. Take on an empty stomach at 0.2 grams of the mixture, dissolved in a spoonful of water. You first need to adjust and balance the power. Mechanisms of development originate from different bases: old age - first, closer to old age often occur vascular disease (angina, stroke, hypertension, atherosclerosis); secondly, the process of aging causes a violation of the elasticity of the cavernous bodies and reduce concentrations in the tissues of the penis of nitric oxide; diabetes - practice shows that in diabetic patients in comparison with healthy men erectile dysfunction can sometimes be 10-15 years before; they observed earlier manifestation of atherosclerosis and there is a violation of the nervous system, such as diabetic neuropathy; hypertensive heart disease - disorders of blood pressure and disorder in a system blood-groove directly affect erectile dysfunction; cardiovascular disease, in particular atherosclerosis - in the lumen of the vessels are formed of atheromatous plaques consisting of cholesterol, calcium and connective tissue; gradually the lumen of the artery narrows, which leads to disruption of the blood supply of various organs and tissues; diseases of the genitourinary system infectious and inflammatory, such as prostatitis, urethritis, etc.; damage to the nerves or spinal cord, for example, during surgery on the prostate or pelvic injuries; Smoking is a factor in the development of atherosclerosis and cause other vascular diseases; alcohol, cocaine, marijuana - provoke atrophy testes and consequently a decrease in the level of testosterone; low levels in the body testosterone - this hormone is responsible not only for your libido but for normal levels of nitric oxide in the tissues of the penis; taking medicines that have side effects on the Central nervous system is a psychotropic medication (in particular, antipsychotics, tranquilizers, antidepressants, many antihypertensive drugs (e.g. Infuse for three weeks in a cool dark place, shaking occasionally. Sex is not a reason for Dating The sign of such a motto? Adhere to him? Risk... What weakened the potency? The etiology of erectile dysfunction is very diverse. Ginseng Famous Chinese tool, but is not suitable for all. Do not use less carries and a DATE. You first need to adjust and balance the power. Carrot and honey - freshly squeezed carrot juice mixed with equal quantity of honey, take 60 g three times a day. Many men and women with depression suggests that their sexual desire is low and non-existent. This mixture will enhance the mood and improve overall body condition. To drink "love" wine 30 ml for three hours before bedtime. As a result of efforts aimed at the achievement of the four conditions necessary to perform a full sexual intercourse: the health of the nervous system that will be capable of conducting impulses in the brain and spinal cord, as well as to the penis; the health of the arteries of the penis and corpora cavernosa; the integrity of smooth muscle and connective tissue of the penis; the appropriate level of nitric oxide in the tissues of the penis, the function of which is to transmit nerve impulses. This mixture will enhance the mood and improve overall body condition. Nutritionists recommend that men under the prevention of weakening of potency or in the process of recovery to stick to this diet, where in sufficient quantity will contain: Milk and nuts - every day you need to consume a Cup of shelled walnuts and drink their milk, the reception can be divided into three parts. Parsnip root in combination with your favorite meat to three tablespoons of parsnip root lubricated with sunflower oil and add seasoning to meat or fish dishes.

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